Do you have future ideas for products? 

Yes. We are currently working with our manufacturer to design another bag that will simplify traveling. 


Do you work with influencers or freelance photographers? If so, who do I contact for a potential collaboration? 

Yes. We love to work with both influencers and freelance photographers as we have found them to be mutually beneficial partnerships. Please email Robin Little at support@xpeditionbags.com and she will supply you with a contact form. 


Where is your shipping facility? Do you allow in person pickup? 

Our shipping facility is located in Northern California. We currently are not supporting in person pickup, but we do ship for free anywhere in the U.S! 


How do you pick which foundations to donate a portion of the sales to? 

We allow our community to submit an application for the foundation of their choice. After three months of gathering applications, we take the three most chosen foundations and research them to make sure they are legitimate and passionate about their cause. 


What goals does the company have? 

To expand the community of those who love to travel and are passionate about preserving the future of wildlife. We want more people to connect with their environment and share their experiences with each other. 


What is your favorite animal?

The team's favorite animals include : the Siberian tiger, the red wolf, the golden eagle, the loggerhead sea turtle, and the kangaroo.